0. Introducing, Parenting Matters!

Welcome to the introductory first episode of Parenting Matters! I’m your host, Dr. Phil Boucher. I’m a husband, father, and board-certified pediatrician. If you’re tired, stressed out, or full of guilt, I’m here for you! I’ll help you regain your sanity, worry less, and enjoy parenting more. Let me be part of your parenting journey, and I’ll do my best to ensure your path is as smooth as possible.

I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, which isn’t exactly a small town but isn’t a big city either. After leaving to study medicine, I came back home with my medical degree (and a wife and children), and I’ve been here in Lincoln ever since. We have four children, and the fifth is due very soon! Having so many children at home means that I actually know exactly what it’s like to be a parent, and I practice what I preach every single day.

Being a pediatrician these days is less about being scared of every fever + more about helping kids & families to #THRIVE! The brand new podcast #ParentingMatters from @DrPhilBoucher is here to help guide parents along the way. Click To Tweet

My wife and I do our best to be intentional about both our marriage and our parenting. This means daily and weekly huddles to talk about both subjects and make sure we’re on the same page and working calmly toward the same goals.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is that in this era of advanced medical knowledge, I get to spend less time worrying that every fever might be fatal, and more time helping parents to parent. I’m here to reassure them and guide them in letting their kids be kids, and to help them become the best parents they can be. Of course, I also listen to these parents and learn from them about how they navigate the parenting trials that they’ve faced.

I’m glad you’re here, and I look forward to being part of your parenting journey. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or topics you’d like me to address in upcoming episodes. And until we see each other again, keep up the good work!

Parenthood is an incredible opportunity to practice what you preach and be the sort of person you want your kids to grow into! For more powerful words of wisdom, listen to #ParentingMatters by @DrPhilBoucher. Click To Tweet

In This Episode:

[01:01] – Dr. B introduces himself and explains what he’ll be doing in this podcast.

[01:23] – We learn that Dr. B grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he lives again now.

[01:43] – Dr. B talks about his family life, explaining that he and his wife are expecting their fifth child soon.

[02:08] – Every day, Dr. B and his wife have a huddle to talk about and improve their parenting (and their marriage).

[02:28] – Dr. B expresses how lucky he feels in his job, and that we live in an era in which not every fever needs to be a cause for major worry.

[03:14] – A lot of Dr. B’s time is spent helping parents to parent, he explains.

[03:46] – Every year, Dr. B sees over 4,000 patients, and learns as much as he can from their parents.

[04:38] – Because every child is unique and every family is different, dig in with your pediatrician and figure out what works best for you.

[04:56] – Dr. B invites listeners to reach out to him with any questions that you want him to address on the podcast in future episodes.

[05:12] – Remember that nothing on this show is medical advice.

Every child is unique, every family is different, & what works for others may not be right for you! Get real-life advice from @DrPhilBoucher, a pediatrician & father of soon-to-be-5 kids who really gets what it means to be a parent. Click To Tweet

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