1. How Do I Start Solid Foods?

Ready for a little tour of how things will go on the show? In each episode, I’ll bring in a real-life parent with a real, relatable question about parenting. I’ll find out a little bit about their family and unique situation, and then provide an answer to the question. My hope is that this will provide you with valuable information that you can use in your own parenting journey, even if your circumstances are different from the parent who originally asks.

Today’s multifaceted question comes from mom Kayla, who wants to know whether it’s time to start her four-month-old daughter on solid foods. She also wants to know which foods to start with, how often to introduce new foods, and whether it’s okay to start with peanuts before a year old. I love these questions because there’s so much conflicting information out there, and I get to help set the record straight!

As people share information about feeding, it often comes across as judgmental. But think back to the days of cavemen. If cave-mom and cave-dad find wild strawberries, they’re going to feed their baby wild strawberries regardless of whether they fed cave-baby squash yesterday. Cave-baby will survive and thrive on whatever cave-mom and cave-dad find.

Do you need to feed yellow foods first? Stick with one food for three days? Introduce new foods in a specific order? @DrPhilBoucher says NO! Just feed the baby (except for honey). It doesn’t have to be complicated! Click To Tweet

I have some guidelines, but don’t like to think of these as “rules” because it all depends on you. As a general guideline, though, start feeding between 4 to 6 months. Introduce foods in any order. There’s no evidence to suggest that introducing foods in a certain order has any impact. Also, don’t feel guilty about what you feed your baby! Jarred baby food is totally fine.

There’s no need to stick to the same food for three days in a row. Would you want to eat pureed peas for three days straight? I definitely wouldn’t, and your baby probably doesn’t either. I’m all for letting your baby decide what, when, and how much they want to eat.

My one real rule for your baby is this: no honey until 12 months of age. Honey can contain botulism spores, which your baby’s stomach isn’t equipped to fight off until that age. After that, feel free to give honey without any worry.

In This Episode:

[01:10] – Dr. B welcomes listeners to the episode, and to the new show! He also explains how the format of each episode will work.

[01:35] – The very first question comes from Kayla, who wants to know how and when to start solid foods.

[01:49] – Kayla talks more about her family, and expands on her question.

[02:21] – Dr. B responds to Kayla, pointing out that there’s a lot of conflicting information out there.

[03:14] – A lot of advice about feeding your baby comes across as judgmental, Dr. B points out.

[03:51] – Dr. B offers listeners a handout that he created about feeding your baby, which you can get at this link.

[04:10] – Dr. B likes to think about feeding from an evolutionary standpoint.

[04:56] – We hear Dr. B’s general guidelines about feeding.

[06:32] – You can mix it up instead of sticking to the same food for three days in a row, Dr. B explains.

[08:17] – Dr. B talks about the quantity of food to feed your baby.

[08:59] – Dr.B has one actual rule when it comes to feeding your baby: no honey until 12 months of age.

[09:28] – We hear a quick summary of the advice that Dr. B has offered about feeding a baby during this episode.

[10:56] – Just feed the baby! And if you get a cute picture of your baby eating, all messy and adorable, tag Dr. Phil Boucher on Instagram to help get the word out.

Cave-mom & cave-dad wouldn’t introduce new foods to cave-baby in a specific order, and you don’t need to either. Pediatrician @DrPhilBoucher has just one simple rule for feeding baby: no honey before 12 months. Click To Tweet

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Feed the Baby handout from Dr. Phil Boucher

Are you overwhelmed with advice on introducing foods to baby? Scared of getting it wrong? Thanks to @DrPhilBoucher, you don’t need to be. His simple, straightforward advice: other than honey, “just feed the baby.” Click To Tweet



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