15. Summer Schedules

This is a special interview I did for a local Catholic radio show that I wanted to share with you all.

Summer is an awesome time to kick back, relax, and enjoy extra time with the family. For a lot of parents, however, summertime can be stressful and way overbooked.

From summer activity schedules, to family vacations, to sleep-away camp, I’m talking all things summer break and how to make the most of the summer months.

If this sounds like an issue in your life, give this episode a listen and share with another parent who needs to hear this message.


In This Episode:

[00:05]  I hope you enjoy this special interview I did with a local Catholic radio station. While you’re listening, check me out on social media and join my Facebook group, Present and Productive Parents.

[00:53]  Some parents feel like they need to jam pack the summer with activities for the kids and end up feeling completely overwhelmed.

[01:28]  Why it’s important to preplan the summer with your spouse, so you aren’t trying to pack too much into the schedule.

[02:13]  Why children still need basic routines in the summer.

[03:19]  Don’t feel pressured to sign your kids up for every lesson and camp in the summer just because other parents are packing their own summer schedules.

[04:29]  Simple, screen-free activities to keep kids busy at home.

[04:53]  How to plan out the summer as a family.

[06:08]  My thoughts on sleep-away summer camps.

[07:02]  Scheduling mishaps to watch out for.

[08:07]  Family vacations.

[09:22]  Making sure church and family prayer time are still a priority during all the excitement of summer.

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