16. Biting Behavior in Toddlers

I’ve had a ton of parents approach me this week about sudden biting, hitting, or head banging behavior in their 12-18 month olds.

Understandably, this can upsetting to parents when it occurs in public or notes are being sent home from daycare that their little one bit another toddler in class. It can also be a very frustrating time for moms and dads as its often the first time they have to really discipline their sweet little babies.

In this episode, I’m weighing in on this behavior and assuring parents that it’s normal AND correctable.

If this sounds like an issue in your life, give this episode a listen and share with another parent who needs to hear this message.


In This Episode:

[00:40]  It seems like I’ve had tons of parents reaching out to me in my clinic and on social media, all reporting the same issue—hitting, biting, and banging their heads

[01:12]  Most parents notice this behavior between the ages of 12-18 months and it is usually toward the parents or other children.

[01:46]  What are the scenarios that typically provoke the behavior?

[02:12]  What happens when parents try to correct or discipline the behavior?

[02:29]  Why this situation tends to stress parents out so much.

[03:03]  Why this is normal and why it happens around this age.

[03:23]  Why toddlers seek attention.

[04:20]  How to handle the situation to effectively correct the behavior.

[05:37]  The faster you can learn to calmly handle this kind of biting or hitting behavior from your toddler, the quicker they’ll stop doing it all together.

[06:44]  Using positive reinforcement to eliminate the behavior.

[07:02]  My final thoughts.

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