17. What Will Your Child Say About You in 30 Years?

I talk with a lot of parents that are worried. They are in the trenches of parenting and they’re worried that they’re making the wrong choice for their child. They’re worried that they’re doing something that’s going to come back to bite them in 10 years when their child, their toddler, is an adolescent and they want to make sure that the stuff that they’re doing right now as a parent will provide for a good relationship down the road.

I talk with parents a lot about moving away from that place of worry by thinking about the big picture. You’re stuck in the trenches at this moment. You want to do what’s best for your child. But what I want you to stop and think about is what it’s going to be like in 30 years from now.

In this episode, I’m talking to parents who are bogged down in the minutia of parenting.

If this sounds like an issue in your life, give this episode a listen and share it with another parent who needs to hear this message.


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