7. How to Pray as a Family

Lately, I’ve been doing parenting polls in my Instagram stories, and learning more about what other parents are doing! I recently did a parenting poll asking whether people pray as a family, and among my followers, 86% of respondents answered “yes.” Among those, almost half of parents said that it’s stressful to pray with their young kids. (Believe it or not, I thought it would be a higher number!)

That’s what I want to talk about today. Kelsey, today’s guest, has a question about prayer time. She wants her family to get in the habit of praying together, but is feeling frustrated with making it happen. If you can relate, don’t worry, you’re not alone! This is a familiar story in my practice. Lots of parents I speak to want to teach their children to pray and want to integrate family prayer into their lives, but aren’t sure how to get started.

Praying together is important to many families, but often turns into a challenge rather than a beautiful moment! @DrPhilBoucher has some great tips to help you enjoy family prayer time. Click To Tweet

I’ll share several quick tips in today’s episode to help you, and your family, stay on track and enjoy prayer time together. First, set the expectations, and set them low and go slow. (If you’re a fan of barbecue, as I am, this should sound familiar!) Tune into the episode to learn some of the strategies we use to apply this low-and-slow theory to family prayer time.

Next, decide what the purpose is. For my wife and I, the purpose is to have our kids see us praying and begin to imitate our behavior. Another important tip is to be flexible! Some evenings, when we go swimming after dinner, we put our kids in pajamas at the pool once they’re done, and say prayers in the car before going inside and heading to bed.

With young kids, prayer time isn’t going to be perfect. It definitely isn’t in our house! But we persist despite the imperfection, and that’s what I want to help you do too. So listen in, learn some tips on creating a meaningful family prayer habit, and check out the free post I’ve created about my best tips at this link.

In This Episode:

[01:02] – Dr. B welcomes listeners to today’s episode, and mentions something new that he’s been doing on Instagram.

[02:09] – Today’s topic is praying as a family, Dr. B mentions.

[02:37] – Kelsey explains her question and her issue, which is that family prayer time is frustrating rather than peaceful.

[03:52] – Dr. B responds to Kelsey’s question, explaining how important praying together is for his family.

[05:15] – Dr. B explains that he has three quick tips to share in today’s episode about how to implement regular family prayer time as a peaceful, rather than stressful, event.

[05:40] – We hear Dr. B’s first suggestion, which involves going low and slow and not having your heart set on perfection.

[07:18] – For Dr. B and his wife, the goal is to have their children see them praying and begin to imitate that behavior.

[08:36] – We hear more about Dr. B’s evening family prayer routine, and how he structures prayer time.

[10:03] – Dr. B talks about what he does if his older kids choose to pray for something silly.

[11:36] – The next tip that Dr. B wants to share today is to be flexible.

[13:18] – We learn that Dr. B’s family also begins their day with family prayer.

[15:35] – Dr B’s family prayer time isn’t perfect, he points out.

[16:41] – Does all of that work for Kelsey and make sense for her family?

[16:54] – Is there anything else that Dr. B can help Kelsey with today?

[16:58] – Dr. B would love to hear how you do family prayer time! Let him know on Instagram or in his Facebook group, Present and Productive Parents.

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In family prayer time, it’s important to be flexible and leave lots of room to improvise! @DrPhilBoucher explains why it’s okay for a child to play with trucks during prayer time, or pray for pink unicorns. Click To Tweet


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