8. Why I Take Cold Showers

As you may have heard in last week’s episode, I’ve been doing parenting polls on Instagram lately. It’s a fantastic way to find new things to incorporate into my parenting or share with other parents! Last week, my wife and I went out on our first date since our new baby, Gloria, was born a few weeks ago. That inspired me to put out a poll on Instagram, and I learned that a lot of you aren’t getting date nights on a regular basis. That’s not acceptable!

Right now, get out your calendar. For the next six months, schedule in at least one date night a month. This way, you’re planning around those nights instead of hoping to be able to squeeze them in somewhere.

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And now, onto the bulk of the episode. This one is going to be a little different. Instead of having a parent with a question on the show as a guest, I want to share something that I’ve started doing: taking cold showers. Believe it or not, it’s been bringing me a lot of unexpected benefits.

I started this as part of Exodus 90, which is a period of time focused on sacrifice, discipline, and self-improvement. The part I thought would be hardest for me was the cold showers, but this has actually been an incredibly powerful habit that I intend to maintain even after the 90 days are up. Tune into the episode to learn all about the many reasons that I intend to stick with them, but I’ll share one big takeaway right now.

It’s incredibly important to teach our children that suffering is OK, and that not everything can (or will) be fixed for them. In our household, we believe in the value of redemptive suffering. Sufferings big and small have value, and can be united with Christ’s passion. By allowing suffering to be OK (whether it’s a cold shower or a scraped knee), we learn and teach our children the power of endurance, and provide an opportunity for this redemptive suffering.

In This Episode:

[01:02] – Welcome to Parenting Matters! Dr. B talks about a recent question he asked on Instagram about date night.

[03:33] – Dr. B offers a suggestion for parents who have a hard time finding the chance to go on regular dates.

[04:11] – We learn that today’s episode will be a bit different than usual.

[05:10] – Dr. B explains that he’s been taking cold showers, and how it has impacted him as a parent.

[07:11] – Cold showers are the part that Dr. B thought would be the hardest of his Exodus 90 period, he explains.

[08:43] – Lately, Dr. B has also been doing intermittent fasting, he explains.

[09:17] – Cold showers are an opportunity to suffer, Dr. B points out.

[10:38] – Dr. B’s family believes in the value of redemptive suffering. He explores how this relates to cold showers.

[11:38] – We hear about another benefit that Dr. B has gained from taking cold showers.

[12:09] – Dr. B explains how his decision to take cold showers relates to his family.

[13:54] – Our response to our children’s problems often dictates how severely they interpret the experience, Dr. B points out.

[15:43] – Dr. B offers advice on how to demonstrate to your children that suffering is OK.

[16:38] – The big takeaway from this episode is that as a parent, you don’t need to make everything perfect for your child.

[17:54] – Dr. B hopes this episode was alright, and shares another benefit of taking cold showers.

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It’s tempting to try to fix everything for our children. But they would be better served by allowing them to learn that suffering is OK, and not everything in life has to be fixed! @DrPhilBoucher explores this idea & relates it… Click To Tweet


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