9. Parenthood isn’t Easy, it’s Messy, But There Can Be Joy and Blessings in the Mess; Lauren Eberspacher’s Message

As parents, we spend a lot of time putting our kids to bed. This is a time when you can bond with your kids, but they’re at their most tired, so it’s often tough and stressful. I often hear from parents that they feel guilty or stressed about their kids’ bedtime routine. This is such an important topic that I decided to bring in a special guest to chat about it!

Lauren Eberspacher of From Blacktop to Dirt Road is an amazing woman with a powerful message: parenthood is messy, and that’s okay! There can be joy and blessings in the mess. Instead of comparing yourself to the Instagram version of parenthood, she encourages you to look at a more realistic picture of marriage and parenthood.

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As you’ll learn today, Lauren sets a very strict bedtime because her kids work up at the same time no matter when they go to sleep. She describes their routine and why prayer plays such an important part in it. After prayers, Lauren and her husband tuck the kids in, and sing to them to help them sleep.

We’ll also dig into regret, shame, and guilt. Lauren points out the difference between regret and conviction, explaining that regret leads to mothering in shame and guilt. Conviction, on the other hand, acknowledges what you’ve done wrong but allows for mercy and forgiveness. Finally, we’ll chat about Lauren’s forthcoming book, Midnight Lullabies, and its incredibly powerful message for moms.

In This Episode:

[00:58] – Dr. B welcomes listeners back to the show, and introduces the topics of today’s conversation and its guest.

[03:31] – We hear a bit about Lauren, her family, and From Blacktop to Dirt Road.

[07:07] – Lauren talks about when her kids wake up, as well as when they go to bed and their bedtime routine.

[12:18] – Dr. B responds to Lauren’s point about kids needing time to sleep, and shares a bit more about his own bedtime routine with his kids.

[14:43] – We hear Lauren’s thoughts and message around guilt, specifically when it comes to bedtime (and after).

[19:14] – Lauren talks more about parenting into shame, which she and Dr. B both admit to having fallen into the trap of doing.

[24:46] – Dr. B shares his own thoughts and experiences with parenting into shame.

[26:32] – Mom shame and mom guilt can look different on many levels, Lauren points out.

[31:02] – Lauren shares a funny side-note related to what she and Dr. B have been talking about in terms of shame and guilt.

[32:51] – We hear about Lauren’s new book, Midnight Lullabies.

[39:58] – Where can we find Lauren, and when does her book come out?

[41:44] – Dr. B takes a moment to talk about where to find Lauren online, and shares a special offer with listeners! Leave a review on iTunes to be entered to win a copy. Leave a review, take a screenshot, and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #midnightlullabies to enter to win.

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