Baby Food Aisle Breakdown & Introducing Solid Foods

Come with me through the #baby #food aisle as I answer all your questions on baby food and introducing solids to your baby.

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Video Transcript:

So if you’re wondering what maybe food should I get for my baby Or how do I shop for baby food? This is the video for you. Okay, so for parents to figure out what to feed the baby, there’s so many challenges because not only are there a 1,000,000 baby foods, but there’s also, like, what are we supposed to start with? What we go to next? How often switch? So hopefully this video of help to you, Mr Pie issue of Baby, I think that parents air challenges off that you want what’s right for you,

baby. You want to try a lot of food, you don’t mess things up. And you’re worried that you might mess things up without even trying because there’s so many rules and the rules are constantly changing. So with this video, we’re gonna talk through exactly how to start. Maybe for your child. Now, if you look at the baby food, there’s, like, a 1,000,000 different choices. And what brand is right, what food is right? How do we start in general? Pretty much everything that you see here is marketing and advertising.

The difference between this dollar 88 on this $4 baby food ISS Think it’s all packaging and it’s all branding.

It’s all mark. Thanks, um, with developmentally able foods. Like if you look here, it’ll say,

like, do this when they think Fraulein do this when they want those sort of things, Just future.

Just make it. We’ll make it easy for your family by not complicating things by not making it so precious until pigeon.

If you just get your baby, you can try it. Any order, whatever brains you like to start with,

you work through them. It’s like you don’t have to wait days or weeks. Pain trying new clues.

Really. It just comes down to what I think my baby would like. I think they would like some bananas and sweet potatoes.

I think they would like some apple or zucchini or pear or squash or whatever it is. Just choose something and try it,

and they might take a bite they might keep. The whole jar might hate it. Soon you’ll see that your baby will try,

like in love all the different foods you’re offering. Okay, so there are so many choices that I actually keep dropping them because I can’t hold all the different options and Megan’s and these air just for brand new babies like Foreman,

six month old baby foods. And there’s so many options and so many choices. And for parents, it’s overwhelming toe.

Look at all these options and think, How am I going to figure out what the right choices for me now?

None of these companies are obviously paying me because I’m gonna tell you get the cheapest that you can in the baby food aisle because this dollar,

08 versus this organic hair. Purple parrot, raspberry like what? Baby is so precious that the purple hair and so I would suggest that you save your money.

And instead of investing in organic grass fed, um, you know, cage free carrots and pears that you just buy what’s most affordable for your family?

What you think your baby would like at the end of the day? It will not matter. Your baby is not that precious.

Your baby is not that rigid. Save your money. Get the cheaper stuff. Avoid these like Starter kit.

Just have, like tablespoons full because you’re paying for the packaging rather than thing. At the end of the day.

What you’re going to find is most of this will end up most of this. You know, $2 per can,

um, purple care of raspberry organic puree will still end up on your baby’s out that not in their mouth and not providing the nutritional so you can just save your money and stick with the cheap stuff.

Worked her way through, however you like. They talked on here about sitters and crawlers and cruisers and all those different things.

It’s not that precious. You don’t have to get that particular about what? My baby can’t have this food on the shelf yet because they’re not sitting quite on their own.

Or wait, wait, wait. Don’t get that baby that because he hasn’t called yet on his own.

Just find out what your baby likes right things trying to flavors and textures on. Don’t worry about developmental stages,

Okay, Now a lot of parents want to know about pups, like when can I introduce props? Because these companies have done a really good job of making you think that puffs are developmental stage and a developmental milestone that we should,

you know, celebrate. No baby needs puffs. No baby needs yogurt bites. These are $3 for a package.

Most of them will end up in the carpet or, um, stuck in their car seat. Save your money.

Just eat the food that you think baby would like feed, baby. The food that you are eating once you get to this stage where they can pinch stuff and pick it up again in the drop.

Once you get to the stage, recon baby can pinch stuff and pick it up. Just move on to riel food.

You don’t have to get tough. You don’t have to get baby Cheetos. You don’t have to get yogurt bites.

Are all those other things? This is all marketing. This does not make your baby healthy. This does not help their development in any special way.

Yes, Dr Bites kind of taste. Great. Yes, Apple cinnamon puffs are quite delicious, but you can save your money and just stick with riel food for your baby once they get to that stage.

OK, so at the end of the day, just feed the baby. And I actually created a cheat.

Cheat four parents on how to get started with solid foods. And if you want. Click the link below and you’ll get a copy of that so you can take that with you.

Or give that to your mother in law as you go about feeding your baby the normal foods When it comes down to it,

your baby is not precious. Your baby does not need most expensive baby food with purple carrot puree. All of the things that you’ve been trained by all of these companies to say.

OK, we have to have this. If we want to help the growing baby are going to provide the best apparition we can’t baby.

Just feed your baby. You can start with whatever you want. You can switch as often as you like.

It’s good to introduce the typical foods that used to. They used to say, Don’t introduce those because of the risk of allergies.

So peanut butter is good to introduce before 12 months, and it’s best if you can introduce it between six and 12 months on a frequent basis.

The easiest way to do that is just to mix some peanut butter into whatever period you’re giving your baby to start with.

Put it on some toast to cut it up into tiny bites and let babies try that. Same with eggs.

You conduce scrambled eggs or little bites of egg on a spoon or something like that. It’s good to expose me to those things on a regular basis.

And if you want to avoid this island together, you can simply make your own baby food. Whatever foods,

fruits or vegetables, Aaron season or that you like, just make them into a pure AI. Make them into something that you think maybe,

like put it on the tray. Let baby try. At the end of the day, it’s not precious.

Your baby will do just fine with whatever you give them. And if you’re worried about food allergies, I just recorded a podcast with nationwide Children’s Hospital pediatric allergist Dr David Stukas,

all about allergies and how to make sure that you’re doing what’s right as you feed your baby to prevent allergies.

Because allergies have exploded in the past decade, there’s so many EpiPens out there and peanut free tables at lunch on.

There’s good guidance on how to avoid the need for going down the rabbit hole of food allergies. So check out that podcast episode on parenting matters Podcast.

If you want to learn more, hopefully this video has been helpful and we’ll hopefully save you some money before you go click the red Bell,

which is there, I think, um, so that you find out when we released new videos. And if you’d like a copy of the cave baby feeding regimen,

click the link below and you’ll get a copy so that you have the information that you need when you’re ready to start feeding your feeding the baby.

Supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. Supposed to be a new, exciting stage. Don’t worry,

don’t stress out. Don’t take the fun out of it. By getting focused on all of this and trying to make sure you’re doing it right,

I guarantee you, you’re doing it right.

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