How to Get Days and Nights Straight

A lot of parents wonder how to get their baby’s days and nights straight. They get home from the hospital and they’re exhausted. Their baby is sleeping all day, which is great, but he or she stays up all night. So how do you keep a newborn active enough during the day to sleep well through the night?

Well, first of all, babies do sleep a lot those first few weeks. Their little bodies naturally want a lot of sleep during this time, which makes it perfect for getting it straight. You want your baby to sleep longer stretches at night and have shorter, more frequent wakings during the day.

The best way to do this is to teach baby what it’s like to sleep during the day and what it’s like to sleep at night.

During the daytime, I find it’s best keep the blinds open so that there’s plenty of natural light coming into the room. Lay baby down in a crib or bassinet and turn on some background noise—TV, radio, big brothers and sisters running around—something that helps to knock baby out of that deep sleep so that they’ll wake up more frequently. Baby will not be able to go into too deep of a sleep, and wake up more often for feedings.

During the nighttime, keep it quiet and dark so that baby gets the picture of feed, back to sleep, feed, back to sleep. Instead of getting up and making a lot of noise and turning all the lights on, try and keep things quiet and when baby is sleeping at night. I think it’s helpful to use soothing a noise machine to help cancel out all the noise around them.

Another tip I give to parents to help them keep their babies asleep for linger stretches at night is swaddling. Babies loved to be swaddled. It makes them feel warm and cozy, like they were in the womb. It also helps to suppress those newborn reflexes where every noise or sound makes them throw their arms up and jump. If you’re not sure how to swaddle your baby, check out my quick video here:

So it’s that simple! It won’t take too long—maybe just a week—and your baby will have their days and nights figured out in no time!

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