Returning to work and daycare safely

Everyone is undoubtedly excited to get back to normal after the past few months disrupted by COVID-19. As you enter back into life outside our bubble, even with the necessary precautions, it’s normal to be concerned with what the future holds. 

Social distancing has proven to be very challenging even for adults. The struggle is even greater for parents starting to send children back to daycare. Kids are not able to reliably social distance from each other. No parent wants to keep yelling, “Stay six feet away!” 

And telling your child to socially distance from other kids is as effective as telling a three-year-old not to pee in the pool. It’s the appropriate measure for you to take, but know they are not likely to follow through. This is not because they are rebellious, but mainly because it is so difficult and unnatural.

Parents also worry about how this current situation will affect their toddlers’ and kids’ social skills. It’s difficult to teach toddlers how to share if they aren’t able to come close to each other. Know that kids often surprise us with their resilience and can be able to adapt better than adults.

Now that the time has come to return to work at least to some degree, it’s obviously important to try your best not to unnecessarily expose yourself or others – especially those who are at high risk.