“Whats the scoop on introducing peanuts?”

I get asked about introducing peanut to babies on a daily basis. It’s so confusing and the messages are all tangled up.

“They used to say no peanut butter until age one or even two and now I think it’s 6 months? I’m so confused.”

I created this quick video tutorial to make it easy for you to make the right decision for your child on introducing peanut and protecting against allergies.


We doctors have done a great job making peanut introduction so confusing!  Years ago, it was no peanut until one or two under the idea that it prevented allergies.  And then the peanut-free lunch tables started popping up.  And $500 epinephrine pens.  And we realized that we were doing something wrong.  Elsewhere in the world, kids didn’t have nut allergies…and the reason was that they were being exposed much earlier.

Times have changed yet again. Babies still haven’t changed.  Our advice has now changed: expose your infant to peanuts!  It protects against peanut allergy.

There is a critical window, different for each child, during which exposure prevents allergies.  We know the window is earlier than we previously thought.  The easiest way to hit that window and prevent peanut allergy is: frequent exposure between 6-18 months.

Introduce peanut when you introduce other foods.  Mix some PB into their purees, give them some cut up pieces of toast with peanut butter spread on top, give them a bite of your PBJ – the sky’s the limit!  The most important thing is to do it early (before 12 months for sure, before 9 months if possible) and frequently.

If you need another copy of the cave baby feeding regimen, click here to download directly. 

If you’d like to read the article I wrote on how to keep it simple to introduce foods to infants, click here. 

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